Mission Statement and Aims


Educate our fellows to develop the interpretative skills and procedural expertise necessary to become clinically competent neuroradiologists who practice with a high regard for patient safety, compassion, and professionalism.

Program aims

The Neuroradiology Fellowship is designed to broaden and strengthen the training physician’s knowledge and skills in all aspects of modern neuroradiology. Its graduates will be prepared to provide timely and accurate interpretation of clinical imaging studies. They will know the risks, benefits, and costs of each imaging modality, enabling them to choose the appropriate study and the appropriate protocol for each patient.

They will be able to perform an array of procedures safely and effectively. These procedures include cerebral angiography, myelography, head and neck biopsy, vertebral biopsy, spine augmentation, and other percutaneous spine interventions. They will learn to recognize and treat complications of these invasive procedures. The fellows also will be expected to have gained substantial experience in neuroradiology research. The training will give them more than sufficient background to obtain the ABR certification in neuroradiology and provide excellent patient care.