Overall Program Goals

  1. Graduate residents who are well versed in all general aspects of our specialty such that they are competent to either enter independent practice, or, if interested, proceed to fellowship training of their choice. Dermatology is a broad field; the specialty curriculum outline of the American Board of Dermatology serves as our basis of knowledge areas expected for our graduates.
  2. Graduate residents who can fully function in a changing health care environment.
  3. Graduate residents able to cope with the complications of medical dermatologic therapy, dermatologic surgery and dermatologic procedures.
  4. Familiarize residents with ethical and appropriate coding and billing practices.
  5. Prepare residents to contribute to our specialty by fostering their interest in presentations at national or regional meetings, clinical or basic research, clinical trials, or publication in peer reviewed journals or texts.
  6. Graduate residents who will serve as educators of patients, students, and colleagues.
  7. Graduate residents who can critically review literature and use this information to practice the best “evidence-based” medicine.
  8. Graduate residents with a respect for, understanding of, and interest in continued medical education.