Our graduates go on to productive careers in academic and private-practice urology. Below are the destinations of our recent alumni.


Eileen Brandes, MD

Staff Urologist, Concord Hospital – Concord, New Hampshire

Christopher Ortengren, MD

Staff Urologist – Concord Hospital, Concord, New Hampshire


Michael Rezaee, MD, MPH

Fellowship in Urologic Oncology – John Hopkins, Maryland

Amanda Swanton, MD, PhD

Fellowship in Sexual Medicine – Boston University, Massachusetts


Robin Djang, MD

Fellowship in Urologic Oncology – University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma

Kevin Krughoff, MD

Fellowship in Reconstructive Urology – Duke University, North Carolina

Staff Urologist – Oregon Urology Institute, Springfield, Oregon


Lael S. Stieglitz MD, MPH

Staff Urologist – MD Anderson Hospital, Jacksonville Florida

Gina N. Tundo, MD

Fellowship in Reconstructive Urology – Emory University,  Atlanta


Eric P. Raffin, MD

Private practice – Dover, NH

Annah J. Vollstedt, MD

Fellowship in Female urology – Detroit Receiving Hospital


Zita Ficko, MD, MS

Private Practice – Rutland, VT

Kevin Koo, MD, MPH, MPhil

Fellowship in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Urological Surgery – Johns Hopkins University

Staff Urologist – Mayo Clinic, Rochester


Rachel A. Moses, MD

Fellowship in Reconstructive Urology – University of Utah

Staff Urologist – Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Joseph E. Yared, MD

Private Practice – Greenfield, MA


Lawrence M. Dagrosa, MD

Fellowship in Urologic Oncology – Medical University of South Carolina

Staff Urologist – Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Erik A. Pattison, MD

Private Practice – Indianapolis, Indiana


Paholo G. Barboglio Romo, MD, MPH

Fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery – University of Michigan

Staff Urologist – University of Michigan

Johann P. Ingimarsson, MD

Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery – Mayo Clinic

Staff Urologist – Maine Med


Benjamin W. Herrick, MD, MS

Private Practice – Greensboro, NC

Elizabeth B. Johnson, MD

Private Practice – Duluth, MN


Levi A. Deters, MD

Private Practice – Spokane, WA

Cullen Jumper, MD

Private Practice – Dover, NH


Peter J. Jones, MD

Private Practice

Einar Sverrisson, MD

Fellowship in Urologic Oncology – Moffitt Cancer Center

Staff Urologist – Dartmouth Hitchcock


Brian F. Kowal, MD

Private Practice – Hyannis, MA

Shaun Wason, MD

Fellowship in Endourology and Laparoscopy – Eastern Virginia Medical School

Staff Urologist – Beth Israel Deaconess


Vanessa D. Gulla, MD

Fellowship in Laparoscopy and Endourology – North Bristol Trust (United Kingdom)

Staff Urologist – Stanford

Michael E. Van Bibber, MD

Private Practice