Resident Assignments

A Team: Oncology and Laparoscopy

Faculty: Drs. Dagrosa, Schroeck, Seigne, and Sverrisson


  • Gain knowledge in pre- and post-operative care and intraoperative technical skills with an emphasis on urologic oncology patients.
  • Develop a knowledge base for decision making regarding use of endourologic surgical therapies for urologic malignancies.
  • Learn basic principles of urologic laparoscopic surgery.

B Team: General Urology, Endourology, Female Urology

Faculty: Drs. Moses, Grant, Gormley, Gross, and Pais


  • Develop a knowledge base of general urologic diseases, such as nephrolithiasis, BPH, erectile dysfunction, infertility evaluation of hematuria, and urinary tract infection.
  • Gain outpatient experience with the medical management of common urologic diseases.
  • Gain surgical skills associated with the treatment of general urologic diseases as described above.
  • Gain experience in the spectrum of postoperative care and long-term follow-up of patients after common urologic surgical procedures.
  • Develop a knowledge base for decision-making regarding use of endourologic surgical therapies for stone disease and obstruction.
  • Learn basic principles of access to the kidney, percutaneous endourologic procedures, and ureteroscopic and cystoscopic endourologic procedures.
  • Expand knowledge of the preoperative evaluation of female incontinence and neurourology.
  • Develop surgical skills in the management of female urologic problems and incontinence.
  • Learn about postoperative management and long-term care of patients with female urologic, incontinence and neurourologic problems.
  • Develop a knowledge base of the management of patients with neurogenic bladders resulting from spinal cord injury.

C Team: Pediatric Urology and Transplantation

Faculty: Drs. Chavez and Morhardt


  • Expand knowledge base in the medical and surgical evaluation and treatment of pediatric urologic diseases and kidney transplantation
  • Learn surgical skills associated with pediatric urologic surgeries and donor nephrectomy.

Concord Hospital

Faculty: Drs. Fabozzi, Kilchevsky, Madden-Fuentes, Mitchell, Santis, Triaca, and Yap


  • Obtain an understanding of the practice of urology in a private practice setting.
  • Increase surgical skills in a broad spectrum of urologic diseases.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital

Faculty: Drs. Moses, Schroeck, and Kerfoot


  • Gain experience with a more autonomous role in the management of the entire spectrum of urologic patients in the VA setting.
  • Develop administrative skills in patient care management in a more independent fashion.
  • Expand surgical experience with a broad spectrum of urologic diseases.
Urology residents