Research and Scholarly Activity

Research groups and centers

  • Juliette Madan, MD (Former resident)
    Dr. Madan received support from the Psychiatry Department to start a new research based clinic in the novel area of neuroinflammation. She has teamed up with a pediatric neurologist and senior child psychiatrist at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center to create a multidisciplinary clinic within child psychiatry to see children with autoimmune and inflammatory mediated neuropsychiatric disorders. She and her team have included several of the psychiatry and pediatric residents and fellows, in both clinical care and in research endeavors.

  • National Center for PTSD
    This center, located at the White River Junction, Vermont, brings together expertise in research and clinical care in PTSD.

  • The Center for Neuroscience
    This interdisciplinary group focuses on education and research, drawing on basic science, clinical, and cognitive behavioral neuroscience. Psychiatry residents may work in both basic science and applied research settings with outstanding mentors.

  • Center for Technology and Behavioral Health
    Informing and enhancing the development, evaluation, and implementation of novel technology-based interventions for substance-use and related disorders.

  • Northeast Node
    A research partnership in which the National Institute on Drug Abuse, researchers, and community-based providers develop, evaluate, and disseminate new prevention and treatment options for substance use disorders in community-based medical settings in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

  • Dartmouth Trauma Interventions Research Center

  • Moms in Recovery Research Study

  • Brain Research Network

  • Brain Imaging Lab in Psychiatry

  • Dartmouth Autism Research Initiative

Resident awards 2020-2023

  • Alisha Agrawal, MD
    • Clinical Excellence Award, 2023
  • Shelby Olender, MD
    • Clinical Excellence Award, 2023
  • Ben Shapiro, MD
    • Matthew S. T. Winer M.D. Award for Humanism & Excellence in Community Psychiatry, 2023
  • Jessica Weeks, MD
    • PracticeMatch Empowered Physician Scholarship, 2022
    • AADPRT National Meeting 1st Place Poster Winner, 2023
    • New Hampshire Psychiatric Society Poster Competition 1st place, 2023
    • Outstanding Service Award, 2023
  • Victoria Trump-Redd, MD
    • AACAP Educational Outreach Award, 2023
  • Alex Buell, MD
    • AACAP Educational Outreach Award, 2023
  • Whitney Worsham, MD
    • AOA Honor Society, 2023
  • Gregory Alberto, MD
    • Honorable Mention NIMH ORAP award, 2021
    • First author publication in Nature Communications journal, 2021
  • Michael Benson, MD
    • Gold Humanism Teaching Award for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching, 2020
  • Eric Bland, MD
    • Matthew S. T. Winer M.D. Award for Humanism & Excellence in Community Psychiatry, 2021
    • Clinical Excellence Award, 2022
  • John Corbett, MD
    • Matthew S. T. Winer M.D. Award for Humanism & Excellence in Community Psychiatry, 2022
  • Kyra Doumlele, MD
    • Outstanding service award, 2022
    • AAGP Scholars Program, 2023
  • Patrick Ho, MD
    • New Hampshire Young Professional of the year Award, 2020
    • Outstanding Service Award, 2021
  • Melissa Ley-Thomson, MD
    • Clinical Excellence Award, 2021
  • Thara Nagarajan, MD
    • NNCI scholar, 2019-2021
    • AADPRT National Meeting 1st Place Poster Winner, 2021
    • Outstanding Service Award, 2021
    • American Psychiatric Association Foundation (APAF) Diversity Leadership Fellowship, 2020-2021
  • Matthew Rasmussen, MD
    • Clinical Excellence Award, 2021
    • Outstanding Service Award, 2022
    • Austen Riggs Award for Excellence in Psychotherapy, 2022
  • Brian Rosen, MD
    • American Association for Geriatric Society Honors Scholar, 2021-22
    • Clinical Excellence Award, 2022
    • Outstanding Service Award, 2023
  • Oakland Walters, MD
    • TDI certificate scholarship, 2019-2020
    • New Hampshire Psychiatric Society Poster Competition 1st place, 2020
  • Michael Yoon, MD
    • Clinical Excellence Award, 2022

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and New Hampshire Hospital-based teaching faculty research areas

  • Luke Archibald, MD – Site PI for CTN-100: Optimizing Retention, Duration, and Discontinuation Strategies for Opioid User Disorder Pharmacotherapy
  • Robert Brady, PhD – Development and evaluation of brief psychosocial interventions delivered in non-traditional mental health settings (e.g., primary care) by lay providers. The goal of this research is to support implementation and access to evidence-based practices for common mental health problems.
  • Mary Brunette, MD – Novel research program aimed at harnessing digital innovation to improve and expand treatment for tobacco use disorder in people with SMI
  • Craig Donnelly, MD – Portable CBT intervention for peri-partum, young mothers at high risk for depression
  • Wilder Doucette, MD – Computational approaches to determine how brain activity biomarkers could be used to individualize treatment selection and implementation using rodent models of addiction and related transdiagnostic domains of function.
  • Christine Finn, MD – Consultation related topics, quality improvement related to clinical services
  • Julia Frew, MD – Perinatal psychiatry and perinatal substance use disorders, specifically models of integrated care for pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorder. Involved in creation of the National Curriculum in Reproductive Psychiatry (NCRP) and an offshoot of this curriculum designed for OB/Gyn trainees and providers.
  • Keri Height, PsyD – Substance use disorder treatment, Telepsychiatry
  • John Hinck, MD – Implementation of the STRIDE Weight Loss and Lifestyle Intervention at New Hampshire Hospital.
  • Patrick Ho – Quality Improvement and health services research, consultation-liaison psychiatry
  • Julia Knight, MD – Clinical research study funded through Diamond Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Grant.
  • H. Samuel Landsman, MD – QI clinical research involving patients who inject drugs receiving outpatient antibiotic therapy, Suboxone and delirium
  • Robert Roth, PhD – Executive functions in health and illness. Test development.
  • Aliaksandr Shakhau, MD – Pathological aging in patients with severe mental illness, cognitive decline, and frailty
  • Gillian Sowden, MD – Service utilization outcomes after implementation of integrated care among young adults with SMI
  • William Torrey, MD – Services/Implementation Research
  • Dax Volle, MD – Palliative care and delivery of services for neurocognitive disorders. Philosophy of psychiatry.

Research faculty VA Medical Center

  • Nancy Bernardy, PhD – Improving quality of rural PTSD care
  • Anne Felde, MD – EEG and fMRI biomarkers of response to TMS in depressed veterans. Efficacy and safety of stellate ganglion block treatment for PTSD in veterans
  • Matt Friedman, MD, PhD – National brain banking studies of the genetic basis of PTSD and TBI pathology
  • Jessica Hamblen, PhD – Use of educational tools to promote engagement in PTSD care
  • Paul Holtzheimer, MD, MS – Somatic treatments for PTSD and depression; biomarkers of treatment response. Utilization of functional and structural neuroimaging.
  • Max Levis, PhD – Suicide prediction using electronic records; diagnostic assessment; and mental health promotion with online tools.
  • Crystal Noller, PhD – Mechanisms of TBI pathology in blast injury
  • Natalie Riblet, MD, MPH – Suicide prevention during high-risk transition scenarios.
  • James Rustad, MD – Site Principal Investigator for VA BRAVE cooperative study (Long-acting intramuscular Buprenorphine vs. oral Buprenorphine)
  • Paula Schnurr, PhD – Large pragmatic trials of PTSD treatments and shared decision making for PTSD
  • Brian Shiner, MD, MPH – Quality and effectiveness of treatment for PTSD; suicide prevention in real-world practice.
  • Lauren Sippel, PhD – Medication-assisted psychotherapy
  • Vince Watts, MD, MPH – rTMS as a stand-alone PTSD treatment; the relationship between effective mental health treatments; suicide in real-world practice.
  • Yinong Young-Xu, ScD, MS, MA – Pharmaco-epidemiology and causal analysis, including studies of psychotropics, antivirals, and vaccines

Recent resident scholarly activity

Reducing Chronic Disease May Just be a Walk in the Park
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Psychiatric e-Consults: A Guide for the Referring Physician
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Larger Initial Opioid Prescriptions Following Total Joint Arthroplasty Are Associated with Greater Risk of Prolonged Use.
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Is Opioid-Limiting Legislation Effective for Hand Surgery Patients?
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Correction to: Psychological experience and coping strategies of patients in the Northeast US delaying care for infertility during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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