Pathways allow residents to develop a specific academic interest during their training, and are open to both Categorical and Primary Care Track residents. We currently offer 4 pathways:

  • Global Health pathway: Explores global health issues and culminates with a global health clinical experience
  • Hospital Medicine pathway: Focuses on quality improvement, healthcare economics, billing and coding, and research stewardship
  • Medical Educator pathway: Develops skills in educational theory, design, and practice
  • Research pathway: The ABIM research pathway for residents interested in a career with an 80% commitment to research

Residents match into 1 of our 2 tracks, and then explore their interests in these pathways at the end of the PGY-1 and beginning of PGY-2. Most residents choose not to enter these defined pathways, and instead we work with them to develop their career interest in the direction of their choice.