Categorical Track Rotation Schedule

Track PGY-1 PGY-2 PGY-3
General Medicine Inpatient 3 blocks 2-3 blocks 2-3 blocks
Inpatient Hematology 1 block 1-2 blocks  
Research / Ultrasound 0.5 blocks (2 weeks)    
ICU 1 block 1 block 1 block
Cardiology / CCU 1 block 1-2 blocks 1-2 blocks
Electives (includes vacation) 2 blocks 3 blocks 4-5 blocks
Ambulatory Medicine 2 blocks (see below) 1 block
Night float 1.5 blocks (6 weeks) 1-1.5 blocks  
VA Night Float 0.5 blocks (2 weeks) 0.5-1 block  
Neurology 0.5 blocks (2 weeks)    
Geriatrics   1 block  
Formal Instruction in Resident Education (FIRE)   0.5 blocks  
Palliative Care   0.5 blocks  
Consult / Senior Night Float     1-2 blocks
Business of Medicine (BOM)     1 block

1 block = 4 weeks
13 blocks = 1 year
ICU - Intensive Care Unit
ED - Emergency Department
Consult - Consult resident at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Outpatient clinic

Outpatient clinic

Due to our 1:1 team structure and reasonable inpatient workloads, we continue to maintain a weekly continuity clinic. We feel this is a much better system for continuity clinic compared with an X+Y for many reasons:

  • More than half your clinics will be supervised by your clinic preceptor, allowing you to develop a longitudinal relationship and receive ongoing feedback.
  • Residents maintain their own panel of patients, who want a primary care physician who can see them as needed. When they are ill or need follow up they want to see you, not "someone on the team."
  • Results, patient messages, and nursing requests require regular follow up. If a test you ordered is abnormal, we believe it's vital that you have the opportunity to review with your patient.