Teaching Sites

Heater Road

The main venues for teaching in the Primary Care Track (PCT):

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    Lyme Clinic
    The Section of General Internal Medicine at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center provides the faculty and the clinical setting for some continuity clinics, the ambulatory didactic curriculum, and resident mentoring. The section is comprised of more than 20 general internists practicing at the main Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center campus, at a nearby community-based internal and family medicine practice on Heater Road in Lebanon, and at a community-based site about 20 minutes north of the campus in Lyme, New Hampshire. Faculty at both sites have a strong commitment to supervising, teaching, and mentoring Primary Care and Categorical Track residents.
  • Specialty clinics provide the clinical setting for ambulatory electives. Most of these clinics are located at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center; a few are community-based practices. All are staffed by Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center faculty. Each specialty practice has a designated administrative educational coordinator and faculty member responsible for the resident's educational experience. The Program Director is in regular contact with each site based on the feedback received from residents regarding strengths and needs of the rotation.
  • Other regional community-based practices host community-based block rotation residents. All of these teaching practices in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine are small to medium-sized and may be private, governmental or hospital-based practices. Many are rural health clinics located in federally-designated underserved areas. Most sites are within 2 hours of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center; housing is provided for non-commutable sites. These practices and faculty have received very positive evaluations by residents.