Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Diversity and inclusion

Our program strongly supports and promotes the Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Dartmouth Health missions on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

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Ilda Molloy with Family

The orthopaedics department is committed to supporting families and mothers throughout residency. Benefits include:

  • 8 weeks of maternity leave at 100% pay for residents who are birth mothers
  • 6 weeks of caregiver leave at 100% pay for residents who are caregivers to new children, sick partners, or family members
  • Lactation pods for private, secure pumping or feeding throughout the hospital
  • Flex days for dealing with unforeseen emergencies, such as doctors’ appointments, child illness or gaps in childcare coverage

In addition to institutional programs, the orthopaedics department supports diversity through these additional ways:

  • Partnering with the Nth Dimensions, a nationally recognized program to engage women and minorities and promote their success in orthopaedic surgery residency
    • In 2022 we hosted our first Nth Dimension Scholar, who is a minority and/or female medical student in between their first and second year of medical school who joined us for 2 months of intensive immersion in orthopaedic surgery, research and mentorship

      My Nth Dimensions summer internship with the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Orthopedic Department was beyond enlightening. I was able to immerse myself in a field I’m interested in pursuing, while working with an incredible team of resident and attending physicians. The collaborative culture of the program was evident and fostered a great educational environment, and the upper valley was a lovely place to explore the outdoors.

      Sahiti Patibandla UT Southwestern
  • In 2022 we graduated our first class of chief residents that included 3 women
Orthopaedic Residency 2022 Graduates
From left to right: Kelly Mead will attend a Hand Surgery Fellowship at Brown University; Thomas Hanson will attend an Adult Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at the University of Virginia; Tracy Borsinger will attend an Adult Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery; and Ilda Molloy will attend an Adult Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at the Rothman Institute.